Portal Overview

Instart provides a web-based graphical user interface to our customers, accessible at


Through the portal you can see analytics about your web traffic. You can also quickly add new properties and domains, change cache policy settings, and otherwise modify your delivery and performance configuration. You can also trigger cache purges, so you can update content immediately and remove it from all network caches.

Analytics are shown relative to your local time by default (formerly, they were shown in UTC only). You can manually override this to use UTC or any other time zone, and that setting will be persisted across logins. To change the default time zone setting, click the Filter by Time field in the Filters menu, then select Change Time Zone

This opens the Time Zone Settings dialog:

Click Manual, then select your preferred time zone. 

The top-level Dashboard screen is described here.

The documents listed below provide an overview of the portal's delivery analytics screens:

The documents listed below provide an overview of the portal's  performance analytics screens:

The documents listed below describe using the portal's configuration screens. 


The state of configuration files for customer accounts is currently in transition from version 1 to a new version 2 that enables our new self-service performance and delivery rule builder. 

The rule builder only works with the V2 config framework. If you see the text "configuration is not supported" on the Performance & Delivery Rules screen, you will need to have Instart migrate your configuration format. Please contact Instart Support to initiate this migration. If you have the V1 configuration format, you will continue to have limited self-service control over your caching policy and over performance features JavaScript Streaming, Image Transcoding, and Brotli Compression until your configuration is updated.

If you have the current v2 configuration schema:

If you have the legacy v1 configuration schema:

Adding and editing teams, roles, and users to your account is described here.