What is Ad Acceleration?

Ad Acceleration is a module of Instart Ad Control.  It is a cloud-based service that helps websites improve the viewability rates of ads by accelerating the loading and delivery of ads on the page. Ad Acceleration uses Instart’s existing HTML Streaming capabilities, reconfigured to focus on critical ad calls. Instart can sit “in-front” (preferred) or “behind” the customer’s CDN, though HTML content needs to flow through Instart in either case.

The Ad Acceleration service enables the browser to prioritize critical ad calls on a page and initiate them earlier so that they execute while dynamic content pages are generated and sent back from the application server. This prioritization allows page content and ads to load as close to simultaneously as possible, ensuring that ads are viewable for the maximum possible time. It also helps to preserve the overall site experience by preventing jarring layout changes when ads load after content, displacing existing visual elements. In most cases, use of Ad Acceleration has the additional benefit of improving overall page speed metrics.

For more information, contact Instart support.