Can Instart use geographical information to customize handling of requests?

Yes. We use the MaxMind GeoIP2 City database to find this information from the request's IP address. Available information includes

  • country code/name (for example, US, USA, or United States
  • city name (for example, Mountain View)
  • continent code (for example, NA for North America)
  • DMA region code, also known as metro code (for example, 807 for Mountain View, CA)
  • Latitude (for example, 37.419200897216797)
  • Longitude (for example, -122.05740356445312)
  • region code/name (for example, CA)
  • postal code (for example, 94043)

This information can be used for purposes like

  • serving different content based on the country code
  • segregating cached objects based on geographical location
  • passing geographical information in a request header to your origin server

If you would like to use these geographic information capabilities, please contact Support for assistance.