How can you tell if traffic is flowing through the Instart platform?

You can verify that your web traffic is flowing through Instart's platform in the following manner:

Traffic towards the origin:

For every HTTP request to the origin, we insert a X-Instart-Via header. The header looks like this:

X-Instart-Via: 1.1 SJC01-ACCEL09

The Host header defaults to whatever the browser requests with, but in can be configured to any custom value.

We also set the X-Forwarded-For header with the actual client IP. Please use that header to get this information.

Traffic towards the client browser:

For every HTTP response sent to the client, we insert a custom header with a unique ID. The header looks like this:

X-Instart-Request-ID: <random_number>:<encoded_text>:<timestamp_in_msecs>:<internal_number


The format of this header is subject to change. Please contact Support if you see a change in the format without having been informed about it beforehand.

For example:

X-Instart-Request-ID: 15236608593316189439:FWP01-NPPRY10:1424971024:313

If the response is from a cache hit, we also add another header: