Content Types

The first part of the Content Types page is the Timeline graph, which plots bandwidth in Kbps or Mbps over time. The time axis units depend on the current time filter setting. For example, with the time set to 1 week, the time axis shows units of days:

Below and to the left is the Location display. This has two ways of visualizing locations that hits have come from – a global map (the default view), or a donut chart. These are selected by clicking the icons at the top right of the box.

For the map view, you can hover the mouse pointer over a country on the map to display numeric data for that particular country:

For the donut chart view, you can similarly hover over one of the segments of the donut to display numeric data for that particular country:

Finally, there is a sortable table, Content Type List By URI:

Click on the column headers to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

A Download CSV button is available on the right if you want to get a CSV file of this table. Click it and the file will download.