Delivery Overview

When you select a property and click on Delivery, the navigation pane expands to show the various available pages of statistics on the web traffic served from this property. The Bandwidth page is displayed by default.

The pages are Bandwidth, Hits, Cache, HTTP Status, Devices, and Content Types.

At the top left just above the page title is a collapsed panel of filters that you can apply to the data that is displayed. The panel can be expanded by clicking Show Filters. With the panel open, you can

  • change to another property
  • filter by time
  • filter by location
  • filter by domain

Additionally, certain pages have a page-specific filter that will appear.


Click the Apply Changes button to engage the selected filters.

For filtering by time, you can choose Today (the default), 1 week, By month, or Custom Range to specify a custom time period.

For filtering by location, you can choose All Locations, Top 10 Locations, or Selected Locations. Choosing Selected Locations opens a search field and a scrolling list. You can start typing a country name and the choices in the list become fewer as you add more letters. Selecting a country adds it below the search field. You add multiple locations and they will be added to the selected locations list. Once in the list, you can remove countries by clicking the X in front of the name.

Location filter

For filtering by domain, you can choose All (the default), or select one or more specific domains by checking or unchecking the checkbox field in front of each desired domain.