The first part of the Devices page is the Timeline graph, which plots the number of hits for different classes of devices – Tablet, and Other – over time. The time axis units depend on the current time filter setting. For example, with the time set to 1 day, the time axis shows units of hours:

If you hover the mouse pointer over a point on the plot, the numbers and percentages of requests that come from each category of device are displayed in a box alongside the mouse pointer, with a granularity that depends on the time filter settings.

You can also drag either the left or right side of the zoom control just beneath the timeline to focus on a narrower range of times.

This Timeline can also be viewed as a bar graph, by clicking on the button near the top right of the timeline display:

Below and to the left is the Location display. This has two ways of visualizing locations that hits have come from – a global map (the default view), or a donut chart. These are selected by clicking the icons at the top right of the box.

For the map view, you can hover the mouse pointer over a country on the map to display numeric data for that particular country:

For the donut chart view, you can similarly hover over one of the segments of the donut to display numeric data for that particular country:

To the right of the location display there is a sortable Top Devices and Browsers List by URI:

You can click the expand icon at the left of each device type to see a breakdown of device types and browsers for each platform:

Click on the column headers in the expanded table to sort the data in ascending or descending order.