Configuring Dynamic Caching with the Performance & Delivery Rule Builder


The rule builder only works with the V2 config framework. If you see the text "configuration is not supported" on the Performance & Delivery Rules screen, you will need to have Instart migrate your configuration format. Please contact your account executive to initiate this migration. If you have the V1 configuration format, you will continue to have limited self-service control over your caching policy and over performance features JavaScript Streaming, Image Transcoding, and Brotli Compression until your configuration is updated. Refer to Delivery and Performance Configuration Overview for details.

This document describes how to use the Performance & Delivery Rules builder to create rules to control Dynamic Caching. For general information about the Performance & Delivery Rules screen, see Configuring Performance & Delivery Rules in the Portal. For a detailed description of Dynamic Caching, see What is Dynamic Caching?

In the rule builder screen, select criteria you want to use to decide to turn Dynamic Caching on or off. For example, here we are checking to see if the request path is /store, then we choose Dynamic Caching as the action:

For Dynamic Caching, you can turn it On or Off if the chosen criteria match. There are no additional parameters to set.