What is Instart Tag Control?

In recent years the use of third-party tags and services has become widespread. For example, Google Analytics has become near-ubiquitous as a way to track website traffic; instrumenting websites to track performance with tools like New Relic is a common practice; and many eCommerce sites rely on third-party services to add sophisticated features such as personalization, user comments and reviews to approach the high bar set by Amazon without needing to reinvent the wheel.

These tags add critical functionality to websites and digital applications. However, with more tags constantly being added and changed, often by different departments, with little or no regard to how they load, execute, and interact in your users' browsers, it becomes difficult for digital operations teams to ensure amazing user experience, protect application reliability and performance, keep customers secure, and debug problems when they occur.

Instart Tag Control gives you visibility and control over third-party tags that executes in the user’s web browser, regardless of who added them to your application, enabling you to see and understand the impact and behavior of all tags in one place. There are two main sections:

  • A rich set of analytics screens provides detailed information about third-party resources on your site.
  • A powerful rule builder allows you to create policies that manage the impact of tags on performance, reliability, and security. Problematic tags can be deferred or stopped, while simultaneously alerting your team. You can also protect cookies and form fields from being accessed by third-party scripts.

The key to this capability is Instart's Nanovisor technology, a lightweight JavaScript injected into pages that provides client-side control not possible otherwise. For more on the Nanovisor, see What is the Nanovisor?