Dynamic Caching

Dynamic Caching creates the optimal user experience for customers' new site visitors, eliminating the delay these visitors usually experience when loading a new website for the first time. This new feature enables Instart's service to predictively preload dynamically-generated web pages and serve them from cache to first-time visitors. By avoiding the round trip back to the customer's origin, Dynamic Caching improves performance by 30 to 50% for first-time visits to a customer's website.

Commonly, for a first-time visitor to a website, the HTML response is essentially the same across all users, except that each user requires a unique identifier, generally in the form of a cookie. Therefore, a first-time visitor has to make a round trip back to the origin is order to fetch this unique identifier, increasing page load times for first-time visitors to the site. With our Dynamic Caching technology, we can predictively request a series of responses containing unique identifiers and store them in a short-term queue on our service. As first-time visitors come to a site, one of these responses in the queue is issued without the need to go to the origin server. Meanwhile, a new identifier is requested from the origin to replace the one depleted and is added to the queue in advance of future first-time users.

Instart is the only company to provide this unique solution to its customers. By enabling a better first-time visit for shoppers, companies will have a significant advantage and reduce the high drop-off rate typically experienced with first-time visitors.

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