Image Adaptation

Image Adaptation uses our image processing capabilities to apply a variety of image processing operations to images in JPG, PNG, GIF and animated GIF formats. We can

  • resize to a specific pixel size, a relative percentage of the original image, or a maximum or minimum dimension
  • crop images to a specific size from a specified location relative to the image's borders
  • filter images to grayscale or black and white
  • sharpen images to reduce apparent blurriness
  • add a border of a specified color and size
  • chain any of these operations (processed in the order specified)

This allows you to store a single high-resolution image on a backend origin web server and then process images as needed when they are delivered through our service. This allows, for example, sending smaller images to mobile and tablet devices with smaller screens and providing thumbnails for larger images.

Images can be processed using simple resize or cropping commands that are added to the query string of an image's request.

For more information see the following documents: