Mobile App Acceleration (MAA)

Instart provides the Mobile Application Acceleration (MAA) service as a means to improve the performance of native mobile applications on WiFi and cellular networks. The technology accelerates download and upload requests by providing faster, more reliable Layer 4 communication. As a result, the data sent over Layer 7 protocols and applications such as HTTP, HTTPS, TLS, SPDY and HTTP/2 protocols travels more quickly, with fewer retransmission requests. The end result is a faster, more satisfying end user experience as network issues no longer have as severe an impact as they usually do.

To enable a mobile app to integrate with the service, app developers need to integrate our Nanovisor SDK with their app code. It’s easy to integrate and typically it can be can be done in under an hour. Integrating the SDK increases the app size by about 4MB.

The Mobile App Acceleration documentation and SDK binaries are located on our Support site.