Configuring Network Lists in the Portal

The Network Lists screen allows you to manage lists of IP addresses and geographical codes which can be shared across properties in an account, for reference elsewhere in the Instart service (for example, in redirects, WAF rules, blocking and throttling, etc.). The lists can be dynamically updated, and can be deprecated to remove them from use temporarily without actually deleting them.

There are two types of network lists:

To create and manage network lists, click Config > Network Lists to display the Network Lists screen:

Initial appearance of Network Lists page before lists have been created

To create a new network list:

  1. Click Create Network List to open the Create New Network List dialog box:

  2. Provide a name and, optionally, a description for the list, and select which type of list, IP Addresses or Geolocation.
  3. Choose to either add list items manually or to upload a CSV file.
    If adding addresses manually, enter IPv4 or IPv6 addresses or CIDR ranges in the indicated field, and hit the return key to add them in the IP Adresses box below:

    You can delete items from this list by clicking the x icons on the right side.
    If you have a predefined list in CSV form, click Upload CSV, then click Browse for File, point to the CSV file on your system, and click Add CSV.


    CSV is a misnomer for these files. The accepted format is plain text with one IP or CIDR range per line for lists of type IP, or one two-character geo code per line for lists of type GEO.

    The file uploads, and when the upload is complete the filename is displayed in the Values box and the Add CSV button grays out.
    You can upload any number of CSV files at a time. If any values are duplicated in the CSV, they will only appear once in the list after uploading.


    A single list of type IP can contain up to 50,000 entries ( IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or CIDR ranges). However, a single uploaded CSV file can only contain up to 5,000 entries.

    So, to create a single list that contains more than 5,000 entries, you need to split your addresses into two or more files.

    For example, if you had a list containing 32,000 entries, you need to split the addresses into 7 files, the first 6 containing 5,000 entries each, and the 7th containing the remaining 2,000 entries. Then in the Create Network Lists screen, upload each of the files before you click Save.

  4. Click Save List.

To edit an existing network list: 

From the main Network Lists page, click the list you want to edit. This opens the Network List Details dialog box. This screen looks the same as the Add Network List dialog but with the addition of Delete List and Export CSV buttons at the bottom.