Can I perform load and penetration tests of my traffic through the Instart service?

If you wish to perform a load test or a penetration test of your traffic on our service, please contact your sales team or support to request it. Below is a checklist of the information we need to know so that we understand the working parameters of the tests, and allows us to evaluate the impact the test might present to our ecosystem and how to accommodate it.


Any customer requesting a load test must be authorized and validated by the Instart Operations team before any such test is launched. Any unauthorized load test will be treated like any other unusual traffic event, and if substantial enough, treated as a DoS (Denial of Service) attack, to which we will take unilateral actions to defend against.

Required Information:

  • Customer name
  • Reason for test
  • Desired date, time, and duration of the test
  • Number of source IP addresses the test will be run from
  • List of geographical regions the test will be run from
  • Estimated number of requests per second from the test in each geographical regions
  • Estimated bandwidth usage of the test for each geographical regions